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The right tools are essential for producing the right results in any consulting, coaching, or speaking engagement.   Brannick HR Connections (BHRC) is a nationally-recognized expert in the area of assessment.  BHRC uses the “3-D model” to discover the best tools to use to help your organization meet its’ unique needs related to the recruitment, hiring, and development of employees at all levels in the organization.

BHRC Model

BHRC Model - Define, Develop, Discover


Brannick HR Connections (BHRC) uses the “3-D model” in all consulting, coaching, and speaking engagements. This model ensures that BHRC helps its clients connect the right strategies and the right people to create great relationships. Great relationships produce great results.

Define – BHRC works with key stakeholders to define the purpose of the engagement and what they want to achieve. This step is the most important part of the engagement because the quality and results of the engagement depend on having a clear, focused, and specific purpose.

Discover – BHRC uses a variety of strategies and tools to discover the obvious and “not so obvious” truth about current people and strategies involved in the situation related to the engagement. Identifying strengths and opportunities for improvement in both people and strategies is critical to developing a plan for achieving the results that key stakeholders want to achieve.

Develop – BHRC works with key stakeholders to develop a plan for creating, implementing, and evaluating consulting, coaching, or speaking services and deliverables that will produce the results that key stakeholders want. BHRC then works closely with the client to effectively execute the plan.


Individual and team assessment products and services


Brannick HR Connections (BHRC) has access to dozens of assessment tools to help you and your organization select, develop, and engage employees at all levels. These tools can be administered either individually or as part of a consulting project or assessment/coaching package. Each assessment/coaching package includes some combination of:

  1. An in-depth interview
  2. One or more assessments assessments to assess behavior, knowledge, and skills related to specific job requirements
  3. Feedback to candidate and/or manager
  4. A draft of a development plan
  5. One-on-one coaching — BHRC can conduct all aspects of assessment/coaching packages in-person, virtually, or by phone.


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More assessments for individuals and teams


Brannick HR Connections (BHRC) has access to dozens of assessment tools to help you and your organization meet your unique needs related to selecting, developing and engaging employees at all levels.  Depending on the tool, the quantity ordered, and other factors, costs for these tools range from $25/person to $500/person.  Assessments that BHRC provides include (but are not limited to):

    1. 360-feedback

    2. Career/vocational interest

    3. Conflict Management

    4. Coping with Stress

    5. Leadership

    6. Listening Skills

    7. Personality

    8. Sales Aptitude
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Other products


  1. Finding and Keeping Great Employees (; volume discounts are available through BHRC)

  2. Employee Testing Resource Guide – CD:  This CD is a great resource for those considering using employee tests and assessments for hiring, promotion, or developmental purposes.  It contains short articles (e.g., how to implement an employee testing program, questions to ask test vendors before purchasing a test), information on different types of tests and vendors (and their websites) who provide those tests, and sample feedback reports from some different types of assessments. Cost:  $14.95


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