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Favorites List


The Favorites List is intended to provide information that leaders and organizations can use to provide many options for recognizing and rewarding employees. Regardless of budget, information from the Favorites List can give leaders and organizations ideas about different and unique ways to recognize and reward individual employees in a way that is meaningful to them.


Engagement Action Plan


The Engagement Action Plan is a tool for leaders to use to increase the engagement, performance, and productivity of his or her team.


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Links to other resources – The following links provide information to leaders on specific aspects of the talent management process.


Associations and Organizations


  1. American Psychological Association (
    The American Psychological Association produces a number of documents of particular importance to test development and use. These include the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing, the Rights and Responsibilities of Test Takers and Test User Qualifications.

  2. Association of Test Publishers (
    The Association of Test Publishers is a non-profit organization representing publishers and providers of tests and assessment tools and/or services related to assessment, selection, certification, and educational and clinical issues. This site has a useful section on testing called, Frequently Asked Questions.

  3. Buros Institute of Mental Measurement (
    Buros Institute of Mental Measurements has supported advancements in test practice since 1938. The Institute publishes the Mental Measurements Yearbook and Tests in Print series that includes reviews of commercially available tests.  The Institute also provides, for a small fee, objective evaluations of thousands of tests.

  4. Society for Human Resource Management (
    This is the national organization of human resource and personnel professionals within public and private organizations. This site includes up-to-date HR-related news items and commentary and a long list of links to other HR-related sites.

  5. Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (
    This is the website for national organization of industrial and organizational psychologists. This portion of the site includes information about employee testing including what to look for in choosing a high quality test and how to implement an employee testing program.
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US Government Agencies


  1. Department of Labor ( Among other things, the Department of Labor seeks to improve the labor market through workforce training and the placement of workers into jobs through employment services. Employers will find information on several employment related areas including tax incentives, other hiring incentives, and information on how to find and train employees.

  2. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission( This organization is the major government agency involved with employment discrimination. The EEOC initiates investigations, responds to complaints, and develops guidelines to enforce various laws.

  3. O*NET ( O*NET, the Occupational Information Network, is the nation's primary source of occupational information. Check out this site for, "Testing and Assessment: An Employer's Guide to Good Practices." This guide helps managers and others understand and use employment testing and assessment practices.


If you have any questions or if you want more information about any of these resources, contact Joan Brannick via email at or call her at 813.672.0500.



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